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Major £200m Regeneration Plans Get the Go-Ahead as Thousands Vote ‘Yes’

In a recent vote held in Westminster, thousands of residents in central London supported a multi-million pound regeneration programme, the gross value of which is calculated at £212million.

In favour of the plans voted 78.4 per cent of residents in the Ebury Bridge Estate in Pimlico and 87.5 per cent in the Church Street area of Marylebone. The regeneration project will include...

West London Sees Surge in Use of Club Drugs and ‘Legal Highs’ – with Middle-Aged Users Most at Risk

 Treatments for so-called ‘legal highs’ and club drugs continues to increase in London. Patients range in age from 16 – 62 years old.

The teenage reveller, which is the traditional stereotype for the users of such drugs, is no longer the profile of the current users. Instead, new reports, coming from hospitals in Westminster and...

Westminster Hit by Soaring Costs as It Struggles to Cope with Homeless

After announcing that it will spend a record £41.8m on providing housing and temporary accommodation, one of Britain’s wealthiest boroughs has become the new centre of the homelessness.

Last year temporary accommodation cost the council £25.5m. Considering the money that will be spent this year the bill for homelessness will increase by...